I found the cushion supported my posture much better than a more conventional shaped cushion. The main reason for this was that I felt my sitting bones were level and had a "place" to sit on. Normal cushions rely upon you sitting on it in the dead centre otherwise, over time, we can create an imbalance in our posture. The imbalance comes about because our hips are not square. The "Clearmind Cushion" ensures that the hips are level by creating a level seating position. 

Thanks for the opportunity to try it out. It’s helped my back pain immensely. Well done!

Andy P

I absolutely love my Clearmind Cushion! I would always find myself fidgeting during my meditation practice... Not anymore! The angled seat is so comfortable and I sit with my back straight now, whereas without the cushion I had a tendency to slouch. Would highly recommend this cushion!

Donna R

I found the Meditation Cushion extremely comfortable and function-able. During meditation I have had difficulty with my posture due to an old back injury. The Meditation Cushion encouraged me to correct my posture and I found after some time of sitting, my usual aches were somewhat lessened. As you can imagine, this has been quite a relief. Another benefit of the Meditation Cushion, is the reduction in numb legs and pins and needles, due to the space it allows for you to cross your legs. I am more than happy to recommend this Meditation Cushion.

Alice C

I have suffered from two lower back injuries for the past three years, a condition which affected my meditation practice considerably. In the past I would sit on my pile of cushions everyday whilst clenching my jaw, trying to block out the pain. Sitting on chairs only made it worse. Ultimately, I resorted to a combination of cushions which I had to rearrange every 5 minutes (so my posture would not go out of line) - this utterly hindered my mindfulness and meditation at large. 

After using the Clearmind Posture Cushion I no longer have these issues. The angle and shape of the cushion maintains my posture in place during my whole practice, without me needing to adjust anything. The pain has reduced to a point that it no longer interferes with my concentration, and I have been able to complete longer meditations without having to stop due to the physical discomfort. 

Due to my injury I do need to elevate the cushion with two matts, but these can be flat and stable so the cushion doesn't move around. My legs don't get numbed in this way. 

I am so pleased that I finally can enjoy my meditation practice again! I no longer get into angry and frustrated fits during my meditation (which defeated the whole purpose!) and I have trust that now I can work on my concentration - without my body getting in the way

Andrea M


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