The Ultimate Meditation Cushion from Clearmind Cushions combines unique design with unique materials to give an tranquil meditation experience.


So many other "meditation cushions" are just saggy bean bags which require constant plumping and adjustment. It's time to try something that actually works.


Within the 100% cotton cover is a revolutionary design of meditation cushion with several unique features:


Memoryfoam - the high-quality blue memoryfoam topper distributes the pressure from your sit bones into the cushion, preventing discomfort and reduced blood circulation. This means you can sit in comfort for long periods without having to adjust your posture.


Profile - the Ultimate Cushion incorporates a cunning profile which includes a flat sitting area and two sloping areas. The rear sloping area tilts your pelvis comfortably forwards, promoting a natural curvature to the spine. The front sloping areas allow your thighs to rest comfortably on the cushion as you sit. The flat sitting area allows your sit bones to rest on a flat surface, eliminating the common 'slide forward' problem of other cushions.


Base Foam - The base foam provides a firm base for your posture and the cut-away at the front of the cushion allows your ankles to tuck in right under your perineum.


Cushion dimensions: 430mm x 340mm x 130mm


Weight: 960g

Ultimate Meditation Cushion

SKU: 1002


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