Our promise: more comfortable than your current cushion, or your money back!


  • No more constant adjusting when meditating or practising yoga postures
  • Memory foam layer makes it unrivalled for comfort
  • Perfectly designed for luxury and ease
  • Angled seat gives pelvic support and helps to maintain perfect posture without sliding
  • Washable cotton cover
  • Easy to carry – weighs 1kg
  • Money back guarantee


Get comfortable in your meditation with a cushion that’s designed to make you feel good and fidget-free during your session. This meditation cushion is so perfect, your meditations will become much more effective – and you’ll feel more energised and focussed as a result. The super-luxurious materials are guaranteed to help support good posture and prevent any forward slipping. It’s designed with meditators and the human body in mind.


Within its soft washable cotton cover is a luxury memory foam layer on a supportive stable base. The cushion literally sculpts around your body shape to give you the most pleasant meditation session possible. The slight forward tilt and “saddle style” seat means your spine will feel beautifully aligned and your lower back at ease. You’ll feel more relaxed when you sit down to meditate and so comfortable you’ll forget about any problems you had with hard benches, uncomfortable bead filled beanbags or basic cushions not designed to support the pelvis and spine.


It’s also easy to take with you when you travel to classes, weighing less than a kilo and only 40cm wide. Plus, whenever you need to wash the cover you can simply unzip it and wash is at 40 degrees. Customers have told us it’s the best cushion they’ve ever owned.


This high-quality cushion is 100% British made and designed by an experienced meditator who couldn’t find a cushion that would properly support a healthy posture. Taking the solution into his own hands, and after carefully designing and developing the product, he then started to manufacture it within the UK. As a result, the build quality and meditation experience is exceptional.


Dimensions: 40cm x 33cm x 13cm, weight 1Kg.

Seated height: approx. 40mm.

Heart Meditation Cushion

SKU: 1001
Color: Midnight Blue
  • Meditation cushion fabricated from high quality firm foam and memory foam, covered with removable, washable flame resistant cotton cover.

    Dimensions - 45cm x 30cm x 14cm

    Weight - 1Kg

  • Buy with confidence - we have a no-quibble returns policy - If you are disattisfied with your cushion for any reason, please email posture@clearmindcushion.com. Simply return the cushion and receive a full refund of purchase price.


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