Welcome to a new kind of meditation cushion. 


Do you have a collection of meditation cushions?

If you do, what does that tell you? It tells you that none of them are really comfortable, otherwise you would not buy another... and another.

Clearmind meditation cushions are designed and manufactured by dedicated meditators who understand what a good cushion should be like.

Key to good meditation is a suitable, comfortable cushion. The cushion should be slightly higher at the back than the front, with a good balance between firmness (for posture support) and softness (for comfort in long meditation sessions and retreats).

Clearmind cushions have a unique combination of firm foam and memory foam coupled with completely unique design features that you will not find in any other meditation cushion.

The Clearmind Cushions are not intended to be a therapeutic aid (if you have any problems with your back, please consult a qualified medical practitioner prior to using the cushion).


However many users with existing back problems have reported that the Clearmind cushions have helped with their back pain. They have told me that for the first time, they have been able to meditate without their back problems interfering with their concentration.

The Importance of Meditation


I believe that meditation is one of the most important things any person can do.


Through meditation we can become calmer, happier and more content. Once we have this settled state of mind, we can remain calm and peaceful even in the most stressful situations. Our mental and physical health improves and those around us begin to ask us how we can be so calm and happy!


We can then teach them how to meditate and spread peace and calmness across the world! It all begins with our own personal meditation practice. 


Clearmind cushions provide the perfect seat for creating a fulfilling and productive daily meditation practice.



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